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Milk: Cow
Type: Hard paste, pressed, bark bandage
Fatty matter: Between 45% and 48%
Maturation: Between 3 months and 2 years
Roughness: From soft to strong
Country of origin: United States
The traditional cheese is drum-shaped and weighs up to 27.5 kg; It is wrapped with bandages to ensure that the bark is hard and of a grayish brown color.
The texture of Cheddar is smooth and quite hard; It should not bend or crumble. The paste is golden yellow and darkens with age. The initial flavor is smooth, with nutty notes, often with a slight salty touch. With maturation, it acquires a strong, full flavor, delicious nuts and really spicy. The oldest cheeses attack with a salty acidity.



Cheddar 100 gr

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